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Susan McKnight, Inc.

Susan McKnight, Inc., located in Memphis, Tennessee, has developed, manufactures and sells ClimbUp® insect interceptors for the detection and management of bed bug infestations. Made in USA of ecologically-friendly materials, ClimbUp® is a plastic double well cup with slick, talc-coated interior and fiber-coated exterior that can be maintained to be re-used for years. Placed under bed legs where people are sleeping, ClimbUp® acts as a barrier, providing bite and anxiety relief, as well as a monitoring trap by capturing bed bugs approaching the bed in the outer well. All bed bug life stages are clearly visible in capture wells. ClimbUp® has been proven to be more reliable than visual inspections, canine inspections or resident awareness for detecting bed bug infestations.

Company History

Susan McKnight, entomologist, founded Susan McKnight, Inc. in 2008 using her retirement savings to make and market ClimbUp® in response to bed bug resurgence in North America. US Patent Applications 200902827281, 20110203159, and 20110225873 are pending. Susan McKnight, Inc. is committed to the development of effective, environmentally sensitive and reasonably priced technologies for the attraction and trapping of public health insects.

Company Statistics

Ownership: WOSB owned and operated by Susan McKnight
License: EPA EST. NO. 085542-TN-001
DUNS: 96-194-9927
Headcount: 12
Year founded: 2008
Address: 181 Cumberland Street, Memphis, TN 38112 USA
Website: www.insect-interceptor.com
Email: susan@insect-interceptor.com
Telephone: 901-324-4034
Mobile text: 901-848-3831
FAX: 901-324-4035



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